Senior Frontend Engineer

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Senior Frontend Engineer

We're looking for a curious and product-driven developer to help evolve, design and strengthen the Homerun product experience.

Full-time · Amsterdam

Homerun is a hiring tool for small businesses with big hearts.

We believe small businesses are some of the most interesting and meaningful places to work. What they lack in size, they make up in creativity, purpose, and character. But most small businesses are still struggling with boring job posts, full email inboxes, messy spreadsheets, and scattered resumes. That's because most hiring tools are made for scale-ups and big corporates with experienced recruiters, not for busy teams at small companies.

For these companies, we are building a modern hiring tool that embraces personality, creativity, teamwork, and community. 

Our product is an all-in-one tool that lets teams publish beautifully styled job posts and customized application forms and also communicate with candidates and review candidates together as a team. All from one simple and beautiful app. Homerun is hugely successful in The Netherlands and now it's time to let the entire world know we exist.

The job

Your work varies day-to-day. You'll be responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of features for our main product. One day you'll work on building a real-time notifications system and the next day you'll be refining our existing state management in Vue.js to make it easier to work with.

You write elegant code that others can easily understand. You also don't shy away from explaining your design pattern choices to co-developers so that everyone can learn from it. You're also continuously improving the UX and you have a keen eye for design. You feel comfortable taking responsibility for any step in the product development cycle. Waiting to be told what to do is not your style.

Who we're
looking for

We are a small team, where communication, teamwork, and camaraderie are a must to build a successful product. We are looking for an experienced Vue.js developer, with the necessary skills to not only style HTML buttons but also architect our components in a scalable and reusable way. Even though we are heavy users of Laravel and Vue.js frameworks, we prefer to work with people that understand that tools are just tools, not the main goal. Pragmatic solutions are preferred over following a dogma.

Curiosity is king. We want you to be independent and positive, a problem seeker, and a problem solver. You're an all-rounder with a small ego who values free time outside work just as much as work itself.

Some personal skills we value

  • A natural curiosity for new technologies and tools.
  • A mindset that always pushes you to say "this could be better" - and then execute on it.
  • The ability to communicate your thoughts in a way that everyone understands.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills (English)

As for development skills

  • At least 5 years experience developing web application in publicly available production environments and experience working on large SPAs. Expertise in Vue.js is a must.
  • You know how to write clean, readable, reusable, and scalable code. Automated testing is part of your daily toolbox.
  • You're not afraid to refactor legacy code. In fact, we expect you to have experience migrating legacy applications.
  • Experience working in a multidisciplinary team with designers, product managers and other developers.
  • Bonus points if you know a thing or two about backend development and infrastructure.

Most of the problems we're solving today with Homerun did not exist a year ago. That's why we value a pro-active attitude above any other skills or experience.

First six months

Our team consists of 15 talented people working in development, design, marketing and customer success who are ambitious and want to inspire each other.

Everything we do is new - we are a young company - which makes it exciting and challenging. Most of the time you will be working just outside of your comfort zone, which is exactly where you learn the most. And since we're a small team, you get a lot of responsibility and therefore have the freedom to work on what you think is best.

You will be a part of the Development team and collaborate closely with the Customer and Product teams to make Homerun work as smooth as possible for our customers.

In your first month
You'll gain the basic knowledge to work with the rest of the team and be aware of our tips and tricks. Deploying our application to production is part of your daily routine already, and you'll create a list of improvements you would like to apply to our product, process, and way of working.

In three months
You'll perfectly understand our processes and standards, and you've most likely proposed changes based on our previous experience. You will have a clear understanding of our business and customers/users, you will be able to manage your tasks in an autonomous manner and you might have even started managing small features.

In six months
You'll feel like you've been a part of Homerun since forever and Ted (our plain weird dog..see below) will be part of your coffee break conversations. You will be more than ready to take full responsibility for new features, issues coming from support, propose new architectures that will make our lives easier as developers, and make customers even happier, you name it. 

You'll do all this while along the way sharing your experiences and learnings with the team and with the outside world.


Your work will be viewed and used by hundreds of thousands of people. Everything you do has a direct impact on the daily workflow of thousands of Homerun users. Over the last three years, we've built up quite a nice club of companies that use Homerun, among others:


We're an ambitious bunch who inspire each other to have fun and do their best work.

You'll join a diverse group of Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian board game enthusiasts, foodies, gamers and coffee experts (just to name a few). We love for everyone to bring their full selves to work and feel comfortable doing so. That's why there's plenty of opportunity to get to know each other on a personal level and why we make it a point to always speak English. 

As most of the team is currently working from home due to COVID-19, we find creative ways of keeping the fun alive that we normally have playing ping pong, during afternoon drinks and other shenanigans in and around the office.








People Operations






Customer Success


Customer Success


Customer Success











Tech stack

Laravel, Vue ecosystem, Webpack, Redis, MySQL, ElasticSearch, AWS, Terraform, Pusher, and SendGrid are the most important bits of our stack.

Don't take us wrong: we're not married to any of these technologies. Even better: we would be more than happy to get your expert opinion on what technologies are more fitting for our unique use-cases. That's why we're working on replacing our AngularJS code with Vue.js, for example.


We believe that a balanced mind and body is what matters most. We don't want to compete with big corporates on lease cars. This is why we're offering a range of perks and benefits that represent who we are a bit better.

Macbook Pro

Travel reimbursement

Flexible office hours

Flexible vacation policy

Headspace account


If you have questions, hit that blue button in the bottom-right corner! No questions? Don't hesitate and...

We accept applications on a rolling basis. Application is open until the position is filled. We sponsor visas, but can't offer financial support or packages for relocation.