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Product Designer

We’re looking for a talented Product Designer to help us step up our design game. From sketching to shipping features and making sure every detail is beautiful and pixel perfect.


We want people to be happier through work 

The first step in achieving our mission is to inspire and enable companies to become better employers. Hundreds of leading and progressive companies already use Homerun to hire better people, make hiring more authentic and streamline their hiring process.

Homerun is not you're run-of-the-mill startup.
Growth for us isn't about becoming a bigger company, but a better company. We're a design minded team, deeply rooted in the creative industry. Design has been a key pillar of our success: it has helped us differentiate our product from competitors and made companies aware that hiring doesn't have to be boring, it's actually pretty cool.

About your job

  • We work agile, with 6-week releases, consisting of three 2-week sprints. Each sprint starts with a sprint planning, followed by weekly refinements and finishes with a presentation to the entire team.

  • You're the main designer, translating vision and big ideas into shippable products, making sure everything is beautiful and pixel perfect.
  • You'll prototype features and present your findings to the product team.
  • You own and maintain a comprehensive component based library of design assets for reusable and systematic design.
  • You'll collaborate (a lot) with Thomas, one of the co-founders of Homerun and the main designer until now.

  • You partner with both our product manager Toon and our Customer Success team to research and iterate design upon design.

  • We’re only looking for designers with a couple years of proven product design experience. We don’t have the capability to properly train and mentor new grads or people just starting out in design (as our team grows, this will change).

3 cool things about this job

  1. Become a better designer: Creativity is in our DNA, with two co-founders being designers by trade, which is why design is so important at Homerun. You'll be working together with us a lot and this will help you improve your understanding of design on a strategic level.
  2. Freedom and responsibility: Since our team is relatively small, you'll have a lot of freedom and responsibility (which is scary and awesome at the same time). You'll be working from beginning to end on our product, ideating new and innovative concepts to detailed iterations on micro interactions.
  3. Big impact: Nearly 400.000 people have applied on jobs via Homerun. And for around 15.000 people the Homerun dashboard has become part of their everyday working life. Your work has a huge impact on a big group of people.

Some things about you

Don't worry if you don't entirely fit this description, these are just some pointers you (and we) can use to check if we're on the same page.

  • Product: You have proven work experience designing and shipping digital products, not just websites.

  • Process: You have an appreciation of the entire product development process, from tactical problem solving to detailed UI and visual design.
  • Savvy: You're extremely digital savvy, very curious and always learning, you like to stay on top of industry trends, have a proper understanding of HTML/CSS and know your way around design tools like Sketch.
  • Communication: You're well versed, can explain the rationale behind your design and you like to collaborate, iterate and fine-tune.
  • Industry: Recruitment / hiring knowledge is obviously a plus, but definitely not necessary, we can bring you up to speed pretty quickly.
  • Pixel perfect: You have a knack for color, typography and interactions, care for every detail and you're systematic and meticulous about consistency.

  • A nice person: We're looking for a talented designer but just as important, we're looking for a humble, empathatic, easy-going and mindful colleague.

  • English: You are fluent in English, both oral and written. We're an international team, so you have to be comfortable explaining your thoughts.

Some of our customers

The people you'll be working with

Homerun consists of a bunch of talented and passionate people working in design, development, marketing, sales and customer success. We're an ambitious bunch who try to inspire each other. The product team you'll be joining is a team of 6 (and will keep growing). These are some of the colleagues you'll be working with directly:


Product Management


Customer Success










Customer Success




HR Operations



Balance is everything

We believe that a balanced mind and body is what matters most. We can't compete with big corporates on salary or lease cars. This is why we're offering a range of perks and benefits that represent who we are a bit better.

Macbook Pro

€500 tech budget

Travel reimbursement

Flexible office hours

Gym subscription

Flexible vacation policy

Headspace account

eReader + €50 monthly budget

Museum Card

Stock Appreciation Rights 

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