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We're looking for a junior support specialist

Part-time · Amsterdam

Homerun is a hiring tool for small businesses with big hearts.

We believe small businesses are some of the most interesting and meaningful places to work. Our product is an all-in-one tool that lets teams in those businesses publish beautifully styled job posts and customized application forms and also communicate with candidates and review candidates together as a team – all from one simple and beautiful app. 

Homerun is hugely successful in The Netherlands and now it's time to let the entire world know we exist.

About us

We’re a small business too – just 16 people in total. We do things our own way — or in what we believe to be the right way — which has proudly gotten us labeled as "unpredictable" and "weird."

Say hi to Team Homerun 👋

The job

You'll join the Customer department, a small team that's part of the bigger Marketing team. We're always working on initiatives that make sure users get the most out of Homerun. We also help the rest of the Homerun team to understand our customers.

As a Junior Support Specialist at Homerun, you'll support our new and existing users by answering questions they have through chat and email.

You'll collect feedback on the use of Homerun and how we can improve our product.

You'll become the voice of the customer as you'll be in direct contact with customers. You'll have a clear idea of their biggest problems and you'll communicate user feedback with the team.

You'll become a Homerun expert and learn the ins and outs of how Homerun works and how it's used.

You'll learn

You'll learn all about the tools we use. Whether it's Slack, Notion, TickTick, Figma or Intercom – you'll become a pro at juggling them and switching seamlessly between them.

Intercom will be the tool you'll use the most, so you'll learn how to use the Intercom inbox, which we use to answer questions customers have.

You'll learn a lot about our customers - we have lots of them and we talk to them often and a lot. It helps to know about their business, problems, and wins. Luckily, they're all pretty cool!

You'll setup your own Homerun account to learn how to use the product from the inside out.

You'll learn everything about our Help Center and other self-service initiatives.

You'll learn to work in a small tight knit team that relies on and challenges each other to do good work. 

You'll learn to think outside the box while solving customer issues, and maybe in life too – who knows?!


You're curious and open minded 🤔 - you want to get to know the customers, and the Homerun team. There are a lot of users and team members, all with a their own story and you'd love to hear them all.

You're helpful and a problem solver 💭 - you like to help others and you're good at thinking in solutions. You also don't shy away from a problem. You gladly tackle it with positivity and action.

You'd like to learn more about the world of start ups and tech 👩‍💻 - it's a whole new world where things move fast and are ever changing. If this excites you, come on board! 

You're practical with an action based mindset 💪 - you don't mind getting your hands dirty even when it's new terrain for you.

You're a team player 👪 - you like to work with others and are comfortable working in a small team, but you also know how to work on your own.

You're positive and confident 😃 - you have a positive attitude, you like life the sunny side up, your glass is half full and you're not afraid to tell nay-sayers.

You're fluent in written and spoken Dutch and English 🗣️ - we're an international team with international users so we almost always speak and write in English. However, for this position, speaking Dutch is a must-have.

You're communicative and precise ✍️ - you know how to say and write what you're thinking. Most of the communication you'll be doing will be through writing. You have an eye for grammar and spelling.

You have experience in customer service 🙋 - either online, or through the hospitality or service industry and you're available 4 days a week (32 hrs).

The team at the office ☕️ in the time before we worked from home☝️


We want to welcome you to join our team, regardless of your background, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, age, or other experiences. 

Our core values encourage us to keep an open mind and to stay weird. Therefore, we actively encourage everybody to bring their full selves to work.

Internally, we have a dedicated committee who is making sure that the whole company is involved in working on DE&I initiatives (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) across all teams.

Want to know more? Feel free to ask us about it during the interview process.

We've also mapped out the hiring process so you know what to expect. 
Before each step, we will share more details so you always feel prepared to go into a call. As we're all still working from home because of COVID-19, all interviews will be video calls.


If you have questions, check the FAQs below or hit that blue message button in the bottom-right corner. No questions? Don't hesitate to apply! We welcome anyone who is excited by this description to apply. 

Unsure if you meet all the requirements? Just apply! We have an open mind and would love to hear from you 🙌

We'll close the job opening on Monday June 21st to start the hiring process.


I don't know anything about Homerun, hiring, or recruitment. Can I still apply?
Yes, of course! We're looking for someone who'd like to learn more about all three subjects, and potentially even more!

What's the team vibe?
We're a positive group who care deeply about doing good work and doing right by our customers. We care about the people on the team and we make sure we all have a healthy work/life balance. Read more

What language do you speak?
We always speak English to make sure everyone on our Dutch-Brazilian-Italian-Spanish-Polish-German team feels included.

Do you offer any perks and benefits?
Yes, we do! Check out our career page for more about our culture and our perks.

How have you handled COVID-19?
Before COVID-19, the Homerun team worked from home one day a week. Since March 2020, this has become five days a week for the foreseeable future. We paused our hiring efforts last year to feel out the situation, but we're ready and confident about growing the team again this year.

Can I join as a remote worker?
While we currently work from home because of COVID-19 measures, we'd like you to work in the office at least three days a week when things are a bit back more to normal again.

When do I start?
We'd love to find someone as soon as possible, but we'll also be looking for the right person. We're aiming for July or August of this year.