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Head of Growth (temporarily paused)

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Head of Growth

At Homerun, we help creative companies hire better. We're looking for a Head of Growth to lead our Growth team.


You're the captain

We're a brand-focused company, that has grown through word of mouth by making recruiting approachable. Beloved in its home market, it's time for Homerun to cross borders.

We're searching for an experienced Head of Growth to lead the way. A captain that's passionate about managing and expanding the Growth team, as well as executing on your own. Sounds good so far?

Growth at Homerun

  • The Growth team is currently a small but mighty 3-person team, consisting of an Interim Head of Growth (YC alumni), a Growth Marketer and a Content Writer.

  • This is a key role for Homerun so we're searching for a world-class marketer with a stellar track record. This position will be the full-time replacement of our Interim Head of Growth.

  • The team has been set up half a year ago. It's a data-driven team that relies on analytics and insights in order to make decisions and measure results.

  • As a Head of Growth, you will be responsible for managing and expanding the Growth team, as well as working autonomously.

You set the direction for growth at Homerun.

You'll do this through KPIs, team management and warm, sincere communication. You strategise, plan and execute. Your challenge is to take a great and beloved brand in our home market and help us cross borders: growing internationally with a focus on SMB's.
  • Oversee growth - Own the acquisition, conversion and activation part of the funnel. You will set KPI focus according to the business needs on a periodic basis.

  • Expand internationally - Help Homerun reach their growth goals towards getting our target audiences to use Homerun, with a focus on international expansion.

  • Content and organic strategy - Execute a great marketing strategy (with focus on content and community tailored to SMB's) with substance. Efficiently leverage our organic as well as paid acquisition channels. Check out what we're doing content wise so far.

  • Hiring and managing - Build and manage the growth, content and community team as a strategic leader that can lead by example and execute on their own.

  • Growth-driven product - Collaborate with the product team to optimize the funnel with on- and off- product growth initiatives.

  • Data and metrics support - Support product and customer teams with insights to make data-driven decisions. Set KPIs that can be used throughout the organisation on a periodic basis.

  • Company-wide data strategy - Lead our data strategy at Homerun ensuring wide-spread usage and adoption of analytics and insights across all teams at Homerun.

Homerun helps small companies manage their hiring process, from the first applicant to the final hire.

Our mission is to become the leading recruitment platform globally. In pursuit of that mission, hundreds of small, often creative, companies use our software to attract talent and manage their hiring flow.

You're an analytical, mission-driven leader with an impressive track record that likes to get their hands dirty.

Here's an impression of the things we believe are important for a candidate to have in this role. 

  • B2B SaaS Startup experience - You have 5+ years of experience creating and executing growth/marketing strategies. Bonus points if it's at fast-growth B2B SaaS startups, SMB's and/or marketplaces.

  • Team building and leading - You have built and led growth teams in a senior role. You have strong communication and presentation skills, as well as a strategic mindset. You're motivated by helping people achieve their best work.

  • Autonomous - You are proactive, very well organised and can individually execute.

  • Numbers first, hunches second  - You have a metrics-driven, result-oriented approach. You're consistent with your decision making and in evaluating performance of initiatives.

  • Brand-oriented - Quality and aesthetics are never sacrificed at Homerun. Your growth initiatives are effectively executed with great taste and high standards. You know how to use the pull of a powerful brand.

  • Analytical - You have extensive experience with marketing analytics, online marketing, marketing automation, A/B testing, product marketing, and predictive marketing tools.

  • Mission-driven - There's a fire in you to make great impact within a small team. This is a vision that energises you: making people happier through work.

  • Homerunny - You'd love to work here specifically: a company that has design and work/life balance at the heart of everything we do. Rooted in the creative industry, we always challenge the status quo.

A recruitment counter culture...

We're a bit of a dark horse. We consider ourselves a brand rather than a corporate B2B SaaS. Our passion is to empower small companies. Not big corporates. Our play is helping companies hire better through content and community. You believe, just like us, that hiring is about building relationships based on trust, rather than transactions based on metrics and efficiency. Applying should be frictionless, light and personal. Focussed on the candidate just as much as the recruiter. Homerun is the platform that aims to do this best, on a global scale.

We're proud of these awesome companies using Homerun.

We're an ambitious bunch who inspire each other to have fun and do their best work.

Homerun consists of a bunch of talented and passionate people working in growth, development, design, sales, operations and customer success. We're a very international team and English is our main language
These are the people you'll be working with:










Founder & Design




No one knows


Founder & Operations






Founder & Brand









We believe that a balanced mind and body is what matters most. 

We don't want to compete with big corporates on lease cars. This is why we're offering a range of perks and benefits that represent who we are a bit better.

Macbook Pro

€500 tech budget

Travel reimbursement

Flexible office hours

Gym subscription

Flexible vacation policy

Headspace account

eReader + €50 monthly budget

Museum Card

Free healthy lunch


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We accept applications on a rolling basis. Application is open until the position is filled. We sponsor visas, but can't offer financial support or packages for relocation.