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Senior growth marketeer / manager

We believe marketing is a balance of art and science. The art-part is pretty much covered, it's time you bring in the science.


We want people to be happier through work. Hundreds of leading companies use Homerun to make hiring more personal and streamline their hiring process. We’ve developed a strong presence for ourselves in the Netherlands. Now that we’re gaining traction, it’s time to accelerate. Do mind: we're not in it to become the biggest and the fastest. We're deliberately not VC funded, which means we - as a team - can set the right speed to grow, without losing touch of our values, quality of work and purpose.

Homerun is a typical design-startup, we've grown organically the past 3 years through an ace product, referral (we're proud of our very happy and influential customer base), targeted sales, branding and content marketing. However, we believe marketing is a balance of art and science, and we’re ready to bring in the science. 

About the role

You are the Growth Team. There's no one to manage (just yet). You'll want to get your hands dirty and we expect you to be be productive without many additional resources. Your focus? The very top part of the funnel: Acquisition (Lead Generation). But as you will be our very first true data-driven growth colleague, you'll also oversee the entire funnel, collaborating with Sales and Product on Conversion and with Customer Success and Product on Retention and Referral.

Because we focus on quality over quantity, it's not only your job to bring in quality leads, it's also your job to measure which of those companies truly love Homerun, clarifying our ideal customer profiles and leveraging product/user data to continuously sharpen who we target.

About you

You are an entrepreneurial thinking, genuine team player with outstanding communication skills, have minimum of 5 years work experience as a growth marketeer within a (preferably B2B) SaaS startup. It'd be awesome if you're also..

  • fluent in English, both oral and written
  • extremely digital savvy
  • comfortable with writing a little code
  • proactive, strategic, implementation-focused
  • outcome-oriented with a proven track record of success
  • humble, emphatic, easy-going and mindful

Some of our customers

Your first year at Homerun

  • The first two months is all about understanding our product, competitive landscape, our team and our strategic plans. But we also want you to really get to know our users (meet with them!) and understand our driving metrics
  • After those first months, you'll dive into our data, set up additional tooling, create dashboards, visualise the status of our growth funnel and create actionable insights either you or your colleagues can immediately act upon

From then on, you will own, analyse and optimise our entire growth funnel, but always with a strong focus on acquisition and conversion:

  • You'll tag-team with our Sales Manager a lot, analyzing and improving the entire in- and outbound funnel through small experiments
  • You'll also collaborate with our Customer Success Manager and Content Manager driving Marketing Qualified Leads through organic and paid acquisition into sign-up conversion (self serve onboarding)
  • You’ll help creating experiments that connect every step of the growth funnel, bridging product and marketing into a close-knit collaborative team (including onboarding, email campaigns, webinars, product marketing content, search optimization techniques, PR, predictive scoring, pricing strategies, sales assets, marketing site pages, etc)
  • You report to management with concrete results, progress & challenges

This is your team

Our team consists of 12 talented people working in development, design, marketing and customer success. We're ambitious and inspire each other.

Everything we do is new - we are a young company - which makes it exciting and challenging. A lot of the times you will be working just outside of your comfort zone, which is exactly the place where you learn the most.

You are a pro-active self-starter but will always work closely together with a.o. Gerard (Sales), Yuki (Content Marketing), Leonie (Customer Success), Toon (Product Manager), Bob (Business Operations) Willem (Brand and Innovation), Thomas (Product and Innovation) and Rita (People Operations).






Customer Success


Product Management




Brand Marketing




People Operations

Balance is everything

We believe that a balanced mind and body is what matters most. We can't compete with big corporates on salary or lease cars. So we're offering a range of perks and benefits that will fit your lifestyle a bit better (as it does with ours):

Macbook Pro

€500 tech budget

Travel reimbursement

Flexible office hours

Gym subscription

Flexible vacation policy

Headspace account

eReader + €50 monthly budget

Museum Card

Stock Appreciation Rights 

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